Through Confort Systems Intl. S.A. Costa Rica, together with our financial and technological partners, a funding solution is available anywhere in the world.

Our group of entrepreneurs is looking forward to working with you; we find custom financial funds suited to your particular needs.

Our financial partners are capable of finding a winning solution where your business will be able to step into the ecological era, protecting the environment from Carbon emissions and placing your business at the head of the clean energies era. In order to get started on the road to a more economic environmental way to generate electric power, a first step in that direction is necessary.

All you need to do to put your business on this road to a win-win situation which can only be beneficial, is to supply us with the adequate information on your electric bill over the past 1 to 3 years (3 years makes our work more accurate).

The information you provide will enable us to prepare a work program in which we can send to your location our team of engineers; this team will proceed to do the analytical investigation and create a feasibility report.

This report will include the cost of replacing all your lights with LED lighting, as our customer you have the ability to decide how you want your LED lights distributed, you can put together options such as, adding solar panels to realistically reduce total electric bill costs, add smart cards to your LED’s so that the lightning system drives autonomously, boost WIFI to project cell phone use, and a 10 year full replacement warranty. Only if we can save you money, the engineers will move forward.

The entire cost for the work done by our engineers up to this point is completely free of cost to your business ($0.00); the only requirement is that your building or group of structures owned or leased by your Company must spend at least $100.000.00 per year or more in electric power.

The way the LED FUND works

If the electric bill is costing your business $200,000.00 per year and we can save you $100,000.00 per year in that electric bill, the fund will take 50% off the $100,000.00 saved ($50,000.00) and apply it over a predetermined number of years to pay for your funding.  Once your funding has been paid off, all the clean energy equipment belongs to your business for many years to come.
The benefits

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