Growatt Rapid Shutdown Box

Meets NEC 690.12 and compliant with NEC 2014
The most cost-effective rapid shutdown product available.

  • Easy installtion and wiring
  • Minimizing additional material cost and associated labor.

Technical Data Sheet: TDS-Rapid Shutdown Box

Growatt Shine Wi-Fi

Newly recommended for projectors and house-owners

  • Professional monitor through Internet and environment
  • 100-meter wireless connection to inverter
  • Easy-to use
  • Every inverter installed with Wi-Fi can be monitored in your own project
  • Remote setting and updating
  • Cost-effective

Technical Data Sheet: TDS-Shine WiFi

Growatt Shine Link

  • Simple,Easily installation.
  • Reliable,Max.
  • communication range of 200m.
  • Smart, Monitoring of up 8 inverters via RF433.

Technical Data Sheet: TDS-Shine Link

Growatt Shine GPRS

  • Plug-and-play, easy use, cable-free,2G,3G network  monitoring, suitable for rural area
  • Remote inverter firmware upgrading
  • Cloud server for data storage
  • Web browser or mobile APP viewing
  • Build-in storage and clock supporting
  • Local storage and uploading

Technical Data Sheet: TDS-Shine GPRS

Growatt Shine Vision

The all-in-one wireless monitoring package for home

  • RF communication for wireless operation
  • Automatic monitoring up to six inverters, applicable for small home system
  • Simple installation, just plug and play
  • Easy-to-understand data display by simple key operation
  • Data archiving automatically and permanently with high security
  • Audio alarm in the event of errors
  • Low power consumption, powered by adaptor or battery

Technical Data Sheet: TDS-Shine Vision

Growatt Shine WebBox

Powerful monitoring solution get everything under control

  • A multi-functional and high-performance communication data logger
  • Keep user informed of the system's status at any time
  • Massive storage with flexible parameters setting, system information management, error prompt and record
  • Collects data and uploads information over the Internet in near real-time to Growatt Shine Server platform
  • Remote setting and updating

Technical Data Sheet: TDS-Shine WebBox

Growatt Shine Phone

Free monitoring APP available for Android and iOS smart phone.

After getting your PV system connected to our Growatt Server,
you can check your inverter status and data from you smart phone
anywhere and anytime.

  • Quick yield overview of all your PV plants
  • All important data at a glance
  • Display all the warning events of the plant
  • Simple but powerful

Technical Data Sheet: TDS-Shine Phone


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